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So why go renewable?

Being more sustainable is not only good for the environment, it's also good for business! Customers are placing an increasing value on suppliers that operate sustainably, and many base procurement decisions around environmental policies.

Using biomass renewable electricity is just one way businesses of all sizes can decrease their carbon footprint and help tackle climate change.

From SMEs to energy-intensive users, each and every business can contribute to a low carbon economy.

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We can offer our customers reliable REGO (Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin) backed biomass renewable electricity.
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Looking to the future?

Coal still provides over 20% of UK electricity today, but is rightly seen as a fossil fuel of the past and damaging to our environment. Britain needs to urgently move away from coal for the sake of future generations. But, building new power stations can be a long and costly process, while buying extra supplies of energy at short notice means extra costs are passed on to ordinary energy bill-payers.

What is biomass?

Biomass is the alternative choice for today; a modern and highly efficient renewable energy source.

Using the latest engineering and technology, existing power stations such as Drax can be upgraded from coal, a fossil fuel of the past, to biomass, a renewable energy source of the future, without taking all of the existing power stations off the grid.

As part of Drax Group, we source the majority of our power from Drax Power Station, which which is a predominantly renewable energy generator. By upgrading and converting some of its existing generation units to use compressed wood pellets instead of coal, Drax has become the single largest renewable energy generator in the UK.

Using the latest technology, Drax processes and compresses low grade wood into small high-density pellets, which are then transported in ships and specially designed trains built to move millions of pellets with minimal cost and environmental impact.

Did you know?
Drax only works with suppliers that pass tough independent screening and sustainability audits and only takes wood from working forests that grow back and stay as forests.

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Why biomass?

Drax's sustainably sourced biomass provides a reduction of over 80% in carbon emissions compared to coal - even when taking carbon emissions from transporting the pellets into account.

Wind and solar energy have the potential to take a bigger role in Britain’s energy mix. But, to do so, they need to be accompanied by another technology that can be turned up to fill gaps when the weather means wind or solar produce less than expected. Our high density wood pellets are the only non-fossil fuel that can do this.

Drax’s biomass upgrade is Europe’s largest decarbonisation project to date, and will save around 12 million tonnes of carbon per year – which, in emissions, is equivalent to taking 10% of the UK’s cars off the road!

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