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Generating and Managing Energy

Generating and Managing Energy

If you are already generating energy, or are planning to do so, then Haven Power can provide you with a power purchase agreement (PPA) for your output and associated benefits. Our contracts are equally applicable to both stand-alone generation and generation as part of a supply contract.


• Power Purchase Products

Depending on the nature of the generation, the predictability of the export and any related supply and generation requirements, our experienced power purchasing team can offer you a PPA tailored to your specific needs.


• Fixed price
Where your export is broadly predictable and can be forecast then Haven will provide you with a fixed price for each unit of power, split into relevant time bands and taking into account the imbalance risk in the shape of your export. We will also include a pass-through of the associated embedded benefits, which cover four components: Transmission and Distribution Losses; Triad, Balancing Services Use of System (BSUoS); and, where applicable, Generator Distribution Use of System (GDUoS).


• Flexible price
Where your export is larger in volume (15 GWh or more) and/or you do not want to fix your price for the whole contract period in one transaction, a flexible export contract may be beneficial. A flexible agreement will allow you to spread risk by allowing you to choose when to fix your selling price. A flexible export agreement will also allow you to sell and buy an equivalent volume of export and supply at the same market price in one transaction.


• Spill
Where your export is unpredictable in nature then a spill agreement may be most appropriate. This will allow you to access the embedded benefits while being paid a price for the power that is relative to the system sell price.


• Import/export
Where you want to net the effect of your demand and generation then an import/export contract may be beneficial. This would allow you to make the most of the synergies of import demand and export generation for your business.


• Third party netting
As a large power user there may be an opportunity for you to contract directly for the output of a third party generator, such as a small scale wind-farm, and we can facilitate the introduction of that output into your supply agreement. This type of arrangement, commonly referred to as a third party netting arrangement, works even where there is no direct physical connection between your sites and the generator.


We can work with all types of generators including wind, anaerobic digestion (AD), solar PV, gas CHP and energy from waste (EfW).

For more information, please contact our specialist generation team at embedded.generation@havenpower.com.

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