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New Connections

A Guide to New Connections

The following information has been created to assist you with your new connection with Haven Power.

If you have any questions please speak to your Haven Power sales contact.

Please be aware that there are multiple parties involved in a new connection.

Haven Power is the supplier.

We will quote and arrange a supply contract for the new meter and, once a supply contract has been agreed, we will register your new meter and send a request to the relevant meter operator to visit the site and install your meter.

Your meter will be installed by a meter operator (MOP)

For more information, please also refer to our support PDFs: 'New Connections Half Hourly' and 'New Connections Non Half Hourly'.

First Things First

  1. Before we can start a request for a new connection, you must obtain a new Meter Point Administration Number, also known as MPAN, from MPAS (the Meter Point Administration Service). To do this, you will need to contact the relevant Distribution Network Operator (DNO) for the area. View our map showing DNOs in the UK. Please note that additional site works or cabling works may be required for the new connection. You will need to arrange this directly with your DNO and incur costs for the work undertaken.
  2. The DNO will provide you with a 13 digit core MPAN plus details of the type of metering you require.
  3. Once you have the 13 digit MPAN and meter details from the DNO we can provide prices for a supply contract. 

New Connection Form 

To send you a formal supply contract for your signature, a new connection form must first be completed in full. Once completed and returned to your Haven Power sales contact, the form will be validated by the new connections team. We can then send you a formal supply contract offer for your signature.

Your Haven Power sales contact will be able to assist with any questions you have about the new connection form.

Please be aware that we cannot offer a formal supply contract and register your meter until the new connection form is fully complete and validated by our new connections team.

New Connection Requirements

Everything you need to know about your new connection requirements and getting your meter installed.

Meter Operator requirements

For Half Hourly (HH) metering you will need to arrange your own MOP contract and provide us with a copy of this countersigned agreement. For Non Half Hourly (NHH) metering we will appoint a MOP for you. 

Installation of the meter is subject to the availability of the chosen MOP. Installation of the meter can only take place after a supply contract has been agreed and the meter has been registered by us. Please speak to your sales contact to discuss timeframes for this.

Getting installed 

Once you have signed a supply contract with Haven Power, we will register your meter and send an instruction to the MOP to install your meter. Your sales contact can provide dates and timeframes for this and our new connections team can send you updates as your installation passes through each stage of the process.

A MOP engineer will attend the site on your specified date to install your meter and energise. if the meter is High Voltage (HV) you may also need to arrange for the DNO to be on site on this day to energise the supply. 

It is your responsibility to ensure the site is ready to accept the metering on the installation date and to provide assurance that the electrical installation to be connected to the meter is safe. The meter operator will not energise the supply if the safety assurance is not provided. You will need your own electrical contractor on site to energise internal circuits.

Installation successful!

Once installed, you will be allocated an internal Haven Power customer service advisor who will be your direct point of contact for billing going forward.

Your checklist for a new connection

  • Obtain a new MPAN from MPAS
  • Complete your new connection form and return it to your Haven Power sales contact
  • Sign, date and return your supply contract
  • Arrange a MOP contract (for HH metering only) and provide Haven with a copy
  • If the meter is high voltage, arrange for the DNO to be on site for installation
  • Arrange an electrical contractor to energise internal circuits

For more information on new connections, contact us on 01473 725943 or email contact.us@havenpower.com. 


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