How does it feel to power your business with renewable energy?

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You’ve got the power

With our unique, low carbon, cost-effective and renewable biomass power source, Haven Power is working closely with small and medium sized businesses to give you:

Haven Power can put you in control - whether you are looking to meet industry regulation quotas, hit business sustainability commitments or simply reduce your costs.

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Our dependable, renewable source

Biomass technology is enabling the UK to quickly move away from its reliance on fossil fuels.

Although wind and solar energy have the potential to take on a bigger role in the UK’s energy mix, these weather-dependent sources need to be accompanied by a reliable energy source like biomass.

Our biomass wood pellets are the only renewable source that have the power to respond quickly to changes in demand, creating a secure supply of electricity.

Our innovative technology also cuts carbon emissions by over 80% compared to coal, meaning smiles all around.

Powering your business

At Haven Power, we understand that managing your electricity consumption is important for small to medium sized businesses like yours. But we also know that there’s more behind your decision. That’s why we provide:

Award-winning customer service based in the UK

You will receive personalised service from a dedicated, named Customer Service Advisor.

Experts in energy efficiency

We work with our customers to help them control their energy usage.

Products designed to meet your specific needs

As specialists in power supply for businesses, we design our products and service around you.

AMR & Smart meters to put you in control

With accurate, up-to-date meter readings, we can help you to understand your electricity usage more clearly and to control it.

Fully certified renewable energy

Our fuel is REGO certified (Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin). This will reassure your customers and colleagues who are placing an increasing value on suppliers that operate sustainably

Biomass: the power of the pellet

1) Growth

Our source material is made from otherwise unused wood left over from wood-based industries in huge, working forests. We never cause deforestation or forest decline.

2) Production

From this material, we use our advanced technology to create compressed, high-density biomass wood pellets.

3) Transportation

Once compressed, our biomass pellets are easy to transport. We ship in bulk from North America for a remarkably low cost, keeping our electricity affordable.

4) Generation

At our power station, the compressed pellets provide a reliable energy source which is always accessible come rain or shine.

Leading towards a renewable future

Haven Power is part of Drax Group, which has invested heavily in biomass technology to convert 50% of its power station to use renewable sources.

Drax’s biomass conversion is Europe’s largest decarbonisation project to date, and will save 12 million tonnes of carbon per year – which is equivalent to taking 10% of cars off UK roads. This journey is helping the UK meet its 2020 carbon reduction target in a cost-effective way.

Being part of Drax Group also brings significant benefits to our customers, for example, security of supply and some of the most competitive prices available.

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