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Why we're different

It’s easy to say ‘we provide excellent customer service’, and in fact many companies do without delivering on their promise. At Haven, however, it is the heart of what we do, the very foundation on which the business was built, and we have never strayed from our commitment to deliver outstanding service for all customers.

From procurement through to billing, you’ll find that we do everything we can to make electricity purchasing straightforward. We place a big emphasis on the personal service we provide because our team members know their stuff – and they really care about what they do!

We have developed a set of values which form the basis for our working behaviour. Everything we do is designed to create a better-powered future for our customers. We have a strong sense of what makes us different and this is based on our values:

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the Drax Group

We are a member of the Drax Group, the owner and operator of Drax Power Station, the largest power station in the UK. After several years of research and development - as well as significant investment - it is now well on its way to transforming into a predominantly biomass-fuelled power provider. This brings significant benefits to our customers, for example, security of supply and quick access to the wholesale market and to some of the most competitive prices available.

Why Haven Power?

We are proud to be a UK business specialist operating outside of the corporate suppliers. We like to do things differently and that means we keep the customer - you – at the heart of everything we do. It’s easy to say, but this is a commitment that our entire business was founded upon, and a value that continues to drive the business today.

More and more businesses are switching to Haven every year, thanks to our personal service, British-based account teams and proactive attitude. We have grown considerably in recent years, now turning over in excess of £1bn per annum.

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Biomass Benefits

We go the extra mile for our customers. You only have to look at our performance in the Datamonitor Customer Satisfaction Survey over the past few years to see that our customers really like what we do.

As a Haven customer, you’ll benefit from: