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The business benefits of Electric Vehicles

Switching to Electric Vehicles (EVs) is about more than getting a new car or fleet - it's a milestone on the journey towards a better use of energy.

That's because EVs deliver benefits to both your business and the environment, by helping you to:

Lower costs - white

Lower operating costs

Over the course of a typical life-cycle, EVs are cheaper to run and maintain than their petrol or diesel counterparts.

Reduce emissions - white

Reduce transport emissions

EVs don’t produce harmful exhaust emissions. And, assuming your supplier offers renewable electricity as standard like Haven Power does, charging your EVs on-site also helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Boost Sustainability

EVs can be integral to your sustainability agenda and part of a wider Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy. Haven Power’s includes environmental, community and social mobility goals.

Your 3-step journey to EVs

Our knowledgeable EV team – and network of expert partners – will work with you to find and apply the right solution for your business. We’ve developed a 3-step process to guide your way:

Electric Vehicle journey

Advantage EV – SES Water case study

Haven Power customer SES Water has already started its electrification plan: to install 16 new charging points and replace of 10 of its 120-strong fleet of diesel vans with EVs. The change will result in a carbon saving of 43 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) each year – another significant step forward in the utility’s environmental commitments. Last year, the company switched to 100% renewable electricity.

Working with Drax has enabled us to create a bespoke EV solution, so we can understand exactly how to save the most energy, further lowering both our carbon emissions and our costs.

Henrietta Stock Energy and Carbon Manager at SES Water

Interested in EVs?

For more information about Haven Power’s EV offering, contact our team of experts

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