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Accelerator Workshops

Before suggesting solutions, we aim to understand your business and its energy needs. To start, our Energy Services team works with your key people in the dynamic Accelerator Workshop environment. We’ll help you identify new opportunities and potential hidden value, and then make recommendations about what’s possible – and relevant -for you. We’re already doing this with our customers, including Edgbaston cricket ground.

Explore our energy solutions

Our team will work with you to identify the solutions that can optimise your energy use, and drive real results for your business.

Demand Side Response

Demand Side Response

Generate revenue by decreasing the power you use when market demand is high.

Energy optimisation

Energy Optimisation

We’ll analyse how you use power and identify opportunities to save or make money.

Risk management

Risk management

Control costs by developing the optimum power buying strategy for you.


Renewable PPAs

We’ll buy any renewable energy you generate on site.

Energising Edgbaston

Energy Storage

Store energy and you could reduce costs, protect yourself from grid disruption and create revenue.

Forecasting expertise

Forecasting expertise

Our market trend analysis helps you plan your budgets with confidence.

Make energy work for you

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Experience the power of collaboration

Our team will spend up to two days with you to identify ways to optimise your energy use, and unlock the hidden value in electricity. Designed for businesses using more than 10GWh, our Accelerator Workshops are an opportunity for us to collaborate and begin the creation of tailored power solutions that deliver maximum impact for your business.

Tap into the latest insights from our energy experts

Third Party Costs Report

If you’re a Flex customer, our biannual report offers you valuable insights into how recent political and industrial developments affect TPCs. View our sample report from early 2018 to assess its value and see how you could benefit.

Electric Insights

Drax’s innovative insight service uses live data to bring you accurate, real-time analysis of the supply, demand, price and environmental impact of Britain’s electricity, as well as quarterly reports.