News / Over two-thirds of businesses think sustainability will become more important

Over two-thirds of businesses think sustainability will become more important

18th July 2018

Recent research* revealed that 68% of all businesses believe that sustainability will be more important in the future. The proportion of larger organisations sharing this belief is even higher, at 78%.

What’s more, the findings also show that 49% of organisations want to tell customers that they’re using sustainable energy sources.

But what’s driving this desire to commit to sustainability – and to take the actions needed to make a difference?

Sustainability drivers

The research shows a number of key influencers are driving decisions around sustainability, including an appreciation of customer requirements. Certainly, the experience of Haven Power customer Low Costa Mill Holiday Cottages backs up this view.

This family-run firm recognised the potential for increasing visitor numbers by achieving TripAdvisor Gold Eco Leader status – something made possible, in part, by using renewable electricity from Haven Power.

The research found that “information from your energy supplier” is another influential factor in driving sustainability – and this resonates with our own experience at Haven Power.

Our campaign encouraging customers and prospects to take our renewable energy at no extra cost resulted in 67% of the businesses signing new contracts, or renewing, choosing it. These results – and our belief that a switch to renewables can benefit businesses and boost sustainability – led us to make renewable electricity our standard product in January 2018.

This interaction between providers and customers also reflects another research finding: that a broad cross-section of organisations wants a better relationship with suppliers.

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Seeing sustainability success

A robust sustainability plan can be a driver of success for businesses, whether you measure that success in terms of reducing costs, engaging staff, or attracting customers. Haven Power’s COO Paul Sheffield covered these three ways that sustainability can transform your business in our recent blog.

Successes like this help explain why sustainability is on the agenda of an increasing proportion of UK businesses – and why more enterprises will be adopting it in the future.

If you’d like to discuss your company’s sustainability programme – and particularly the place of energy within it – please get in touch.

*Institute of Customer Service report, “Haven Power – Sustainability and customer service research” October 2017. Sample: 200 UK business organisations.

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